Birthday Ponies

"TRUTH EP" coming October 14

Birthday Ponies are a 3.5-piece band from Philadelphia, consisting of Alex Tilson (Q-bass, vocals), Mike Saah (guitar) and Matt Jernigan (drums). They call their music post-indie. It's a cross between post-punk and indie rock... or a way to side-step the question of genre. Read the full bio below.


"[Birthday Ponies] go full force with angular breakdowns and just the right amount of pop catchiness to hook you in." - WXPN's The Key

"The band packs a punch, with catchy elements built into a big brick wall of sound." - The Spirit of the Riverwards


Birthday Ponies have been making existentialism fun again since fall of 2015. In a top secret focus group, attendees were asked: when you go to a punk show, do you want to be lose your troubles among crunchy guitars, growling bass, and catchy hooks, or do you want to stroke your chin and think about the absurdity of existence? Responses were about 50/50, so out of the labs came Birthday Ponies –  both heavy and light, like chocolate mousse or Milan Kundera novels.

Alex sings and plays a guitar-bass hybrid he calls the "Q-bass" (Quasi-bass), with two amplifiers and enough pedals for a shoegaze band. Mike, a bassist by training, picked up a guitar and became every punk band’s dream by never asking for a guitar solo. Matt, a trained jazz/funk drummer, does his part to steer things away from the predictable (but still rips out drum fills that would make Travis Barker flinch).

Birthday Ponies debuted live in September of 2015 at former Philly DIY space Hong Kong Garden, and released their debut EP Demonstration on October 8, 2015. Since then, they've performed with acts including Mumblr, Brandon Can't Dance and OhBree at a slew of DIY venues, including Girard Hall, Lavender Town, The Petting Zoo, and The Aquarium.

Their second release, Truth EP, was released on cassette and digital on October 14, 2016. Truth EP can be heard on Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, and all the other places too.

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